Activities near Las Suites del Tiempo

Next to Las Suites del Tiempo, there are some tourist centres where you can practice among other sports: canoeing, archery, climbing, paintball, diving, cicling, jumping, practical flight (microlights, parachuting), quad biking, horse riding.


Enlaces de interés sobre la Costa da Morte


In this town there is the  Xallas´cascade, 40 meters high. It is the only European river which  flows directly to the sea as cascade. During the summer weekends and some public holidays it is possible to watch that marvellous spectacle because the reservoir opens its floodgates. It is also possible to visit the sightseeing from which you can admire the beautiful Monte Pindo or the Xallas´ mouth.

Pindo Mountain

Hike to A Moa, the highest point in Pindo Hill. It takes 5 hours approximately. Pindo is one of the most interesting places in Galicia with their legends, sacrifices, fortress. We could admire rare shapes of the rocks which easily transform into animals, warriors or monsters.


Important town because of its history, historical monuments and town council of great touristic interest. Its old quarter and the layout are the best preserved in the Costa da Morte (Death Coast). On the second fortnight of July, one of the most important Medieval Fairs of A Coruña region takes place there.

Fisterra Lighthouse

12 Km. far from Las Suites del Tiempo. The end of the world with the beatiful Mar de Fora, Rostro and Langosteira beaches. 

Carnota Beach

The longest one in Galicia and one of the best beaches in the world. It is 25 kms away from the house.