• El Mar en Lola

    Calle Rafael Juan, 46 - 15130 Corcubión

Google Maps Itinerary

How to arrive from A Coruña to Corcubión

By motorway, take AG-55 or by road, C-552 which joins A Coruña with Finisterre.

Corcubion is 96 Km. far from A Coruña. The house is located near the town centre (200 metres to the main square).

Travel lenght from A Coruña to Corcubión: 1 hour 

How to arrive from Santiago de Compostela to Corcubión

The short way is following  AC-544 road through Negreira then you will find A Pereira roundabout to Finisterre and, finally in Berdoias  follow C-552 road to Finisterre.

If you have time, there is a longer but nicer the way along the coast. From Santiago de Compostela  to Noia and there, take C-550 road which passes Muros, Carnota until you arrive to Cee. Corcubion is one Kilometre far from Cee on the road to Finisterre.

Travel lenght from Santiago de Compostela to Corcubión (short way): 1 hour.

How to arrive from Vigo to Corcubión

From Vigo to Santiago take motorway AP-9, and Santiago-Sur-Milladoiro-Noia exit. When you arrive to Bertamirans take the Negreira exit and, from there the same itinerary described previously, that is to say Negreira-A Pereira-Berdoias-Cee-Corcubion.

Travel lenght from Vigo to Corcubión: 1 hour, 45 minutes.

GPS coordinates El Mar en Lola:

Latitude  42º 56' 47.05'' Longitude  -9º 11' 37.71".